1.6 (unreleased)

  • Fix compatibility with NamedTupleCursor.

1.5 (2017-04-18)

  • Fixed Python 2 compatibility.

1.4 (2016-03-25)

  • Added worker class and handler helper decorator. [jeanphix]

1.3 (2015-05-11)

  • Python 3 compatibility. [migurski]
  • Fix time zone issue.

1.2 (2014-10-21)


  • Fixed concurrency issue where a large number of locks would be held as a queue grows in size.
  • Fixed a database connection resource issue.

1.1 (2014-02-27)


  • A queue is now also a context manager, providing transactional semantics.
  • A queues now returns task objects which provide metadata and allows reading and writing task data.


  • The same connection pool can now be used with different queues.


  • The Literal string wrapper did not work correctly with psycopg2.
  • The transaction manager now correctly returns connections to the pool.

1.0 (2013-11-20)

  • Initial public release.